Measurement Jump Start

Talent Development Jump Start

Many organizations shifting to Digital and Agile ways of working are facing talent gaps and the need to accelerate the scale developing new roles and re-skilling existing team members on new practices and ways of working.

  • Team Coaches: Develop Team Coaches who can assess and optimize team maturity and performance.
  • Scrum Masters and Product Owners: Accelerate developing these critical roles so they can support the teams.
  • RTEs: Build talent across your release train engineers or program managers.
  • Managers: Enable leadership agility and modern ways of leading across managers and leaders.
  • Other Roles: Develop custom radars for digital, data, engineering and other key roles.
Individuals: 20-500
Weeks: 2-6
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How it Works


Deep Dive Role Workshop

Deliver a role deep workshop for that covers role expectations and what success looks like across the competencies along with engagement exercises.
1/2 Day Session


Complete Self Assessment & 360

Complete role based self-assessment during the role deep dive workshop. Invite others to complete 360 assessment.
1-2 weeks 


Growth Planning

Review results with individuals (manager, coach, peer to peer) and build growth items for individuals and where managers can help.
3 Hr Session


Leadership Readout

Rollup results and identify patterns. Review program results with leaders, share insights and recommendations. Build organizational growth items for leaders.
2 Hr Session

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