Take a deep dive into the ways of working, mindset and behaviors of your team!

The Agility Ways of Working & OKR Workshop is a powerful change management session that starts by ensuring clarity to the business outcomes the team should be focused on, then the team assesses their current ways of working and mindsets and behaviors.  Your team will complete the assessment, visualize the results in the radar, have open conversation about how you’re doing and pick 2-3 improvement actions for the next quarter.

This Ways of Working radar is inspired by agility practices but can be applied across ALL teams in the organization as it doesn’t use specific Agile terminology.

Part 1: Intro & Alignment on Outcomes/OKRs (25 min)
  • Introductions and kickoff from leader |  5min
  • Introduce the strategic annual outcomes/OKRs | 10 min
  • Build quarterly outcomes for next 90 days | 10 min
Part 2: Radar Overview and Assessment  (45 min – 1 hr)
  • Team Agility Overview and Video  | 5 min
  • Team Agility Radar walkthrough  | 10 min
  • Everyone completes the assessment | 25-35 min
  • Break
Part 3: Retrospective & Growth Plan (1 hr)
  • Review the results and walkthrough responses | 15 min
  • Group breakouts to identify 1-2 areas of growth | 10 min
  • Share findings and rank top items | 10 min
  • Create well written growth items with clear success criteria, owners and timeline | 10 min
  • Conclude workshop and get participant feedback | 10 min
  • Action items | 5 min
Workshop Deliverables:
  • Clarity on Annual and Quarterly outcomes (using OKRs)
  • Current state assessment of team maturity
  • Current state assessment of performance metrics
  • 1-3 prioritized improvement items
  • Post workshop report and recommendations from our team
Post Workshop:
  • 2 week check-in and monthly with the team leaders to ensure progress is made
  • Repeat the workshop in 3 months and measure progress and growth. Identify new areas of focus

Optional follow up workshops:

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Top Measurement Challenges

Clarity & Alignment

Where should we improve?  What’s the maturity roadmap?  How can we have a common definition of what ‘great’ looks like?


Where are we now? Where do we want to be? How do you know we’re improving? How can we leverage data driven insights not gut feel?

Intentional Growth

Measurement with no action is worthless data.  How will we identify real improvement actions? Where do we need leaders to remove obstacles for teams?

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Ditch the spreadsheets and old school surveys, come together as a team and have meaningful data driven conversations about how you're doing and where you want to grow.
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