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In the spirit of helping organizations develop strategies to continuously improve team culture, we designed the Team Culture Health Radar.

This radar focuses on modern ways of working along with the mindsets and behaviors of high-performing teams, based on recent industry research and studies. Inspiration for the cultural competencies comes from the research done by MIT Sloan on the Big Nine Cultural Values, addressing the question of which values matter most, as cited by diverse top companies.



Typically taken by all team members from ANY team. Data across teams is rolled up to a department or portfolio level.


Twice a year to check-in on Team Culture progress.


Team Culture 2.0: English, Arabic

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How it Works

Use our radars to kickstart a continuous improvement program at all levels in your enterprise with actionable data. Radar assessments and retrospectives provide a structured approach to developing your teams in order to accelerate and scale areas of your transformation.
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