Leverage Agile Team and Organizational design best practices to increase collaboration, innovation, predictability, and productivity across your teams.

This workshop covers Agile Team Design principles and patterns that have delivered proven results across multiple industries and functions. It also incorporates interactive, applied exercises to bring these practices to life and allow participants to explore potential applications within their organization.

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Workshop Duration

3 days

Facilitation Method

On-site or Virtual Delivery Available

  • Learn about modern patterns for designing organizations for agility
  • Explore common design patterns for value streams, portfolios, team of teams and delivery teams
  • Gain clarity on roles and expectations of the various roles at each level
  • Explore best in class design patterns for shared service teams
  • Participate in a series of interactive exercises to apply learnings to YOUR own org design using MIRO
  • Build a draft future state design, risks, change mgmt., communication and rollout plan
Core Agile Team Structure

Part 1:

  • Overview of org team design challenges & guiding principles
  • Value streams, portfolios and team of team design patterns
  • Agile Team structures & types, stability, and target gearing ratios
  • Shared service team patterns and key considerations
  • Pulling it all together – applying to YOUR use case

Part 2:

  • Roles & expectations for Portfolio & Team of Team layer
  • Formalizing product management roles
  • Deep dive into the role of the people manager
  • Team level roles
  • Designing enablement teams & CoPs

Part 3:

  • Finalize draft plan and key decisions
  • Identify risks and mitigation strategy
  • Change mgmt. and communication plan
  • Catch ball sessions to gain feedback and buy-in
  • Rollout & implementation

Senior Executives, Managers, Team Leads, HR, Organizational Devleopment Specialists, Talent & Development, and Agility Leads