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The Team Facilitator, sometimes also known as the ScrumMaster, is one of the critical roles that enables high-performing teams. The Team Facilitator 360 Radar is a role-based assessment that helps Team Facilitators gain insight to their job/skill performance by recognizing strengths as well as development areas regarding the team’s behavior as an outcome of a good facilitator. Yes, you can customize the radar!

  • Culture
  • Planning
  • Leadership
  • Performance
  • Foundation


Individuals in a Team Facilitator or ScrumMaster role and their peers, customers, stakeholders & team members.


Twice a year.

How it Works

New Customer

Existing Customer

  • Contact your Company Administrator to activate the Individual Role/Talent Development Radars
  • Complete the AgilityHealth® Facilitator certification View Schedule
  • Schedule 1 Hr Overview of Individual Radars Workshop