TeamHealth 2.0 Release

Let’s CRAWL > WALK > RUN > FLY Together!

Announcing the TeamHealth 2.0 Release!

We’re excited to share our official release of the TeamHealth 2.0 questions which have been revamped to follow the Crawl | Walk | Run | Fly model.

Why This Change?

  • Our current questions only described the positive/high behavior for each competency. Many new Agile teams were ranking themselves too high, which led to some of the data not being an accurate reflection of their health and maturity.

  • We wanted the questions to provide value by making it easier for teams to identify where they are from a maturity/fluency perspective for each competency (crawl, walk, run, fly) so they have more targeted conversations about HOW to grow.

  • Our hypothesis is that for larger organizations with hundreds of teams and not enough facilitators/coaches, by providing more clarity on the questions, we will enable ScrumMasters and other team leaders to facilitate these sessions more effectively and engage coaches where they need the help.

Who Contributed?

  • We reached out to our large community of customers, partners and coaches to help us revamp the questions.
  • We scheduled several public review and feedback sessions, in addition to enabling coaches and leaders to provide feedback outside of these sessions.

  • In total, we had 35 coaches who averaged 8 to 15 years of Agile experience engaged in this process (it's a miracle getting 35 senior level coaches to agree to anything!).

  • View the full list of contributors below. We are very grateful for their time and effort!


First Name Last Name Title Company Years of Agile Experience
Glenn Peterson Agile Coach and Trainer Agile Transformation, Inc. 5 Years
Roger King Enterprise Transformation Coach and Trainer Agile Transformation, Inc. 7 Years
Jurgen De Smet Business Transformation Coach Co-Learning 19 years
Laszlo Andor Senior Agile Coach EPAM Systems 7 years
Efrem Habteselassie Sr. Transformation Executive
Kumar Dattatreyan Enterprise Agile Coach and Trainer Treya Consulting, LLC 15 years
Michael Moore Enterprise Agile Enablement Lead Cox Automotive  18 years
Jackie Constable Project Office Analyst Paychex  3 years
Dan Loomis Lean-Agile Transformation Lead, Program Manager Cisco
James Prieto Agile Coach Cisco
Bryan Tew Enterprise Transformation Strategist Agile Transformation, Inc.  15 years
Brian Schutt Agile Evangelist & Coach 6 years
Darren Gray Coach EPiC 7 years
Chuck Aikman Agile Practitioner
Bob Small Agile Coach Cox Automotive
Brad Bennett Enterprise Agile Coach EPiC
Mohsin Siddik Agile Transformation Specialist Fannie Mae
Kellie Morrell Enterprise Agile Coach & Trainer Agile Transformation, Inc.  10+ years
Kelley O’Connell Enterprise Agile Coach & Trainer Agile Transformation, Inc.
Dawn Thiem Enterprise Agile Coach Agile Transformation, Inc.
Percival Mcarthy Agile Transformation and Project Management
Rene Rosendahl Product Leader and Agilist Agile Transformation, Inc.  10 years
Rob Gaunt Director, Enterprise Coach & Tribal Leader EPiC
Samar Elatta Agile Coach and Trainer Agile Transformation, Inc.
Trisha Hall Customer Advisor & Business Development Leader Agile Transformation, Inc.  5 years
Daniel Miklusicak Lean-Agile-SAFe coach/Instructor Omni3 Inc. 12 years
Brandon Barski Scrum Master 8 years
Curtis Michelson Founder Minds Alert, LLC 10 years
Bart Clephas Scrum Master 10 years
Theo Geelen Agile coach, Trainer & Advisor Yellow Intelligent >15 years
David Dust Agile Coach and Trainer Agile Transformation, Inc. 9 years
AgileBill Krebs Agile Coach 16 years
Sarah Kyros Sr. Project Manager Mutual of Omaha 9 years
Rome Williams Sr Iteration Manager (CSM, Kanban Lead, Agile Coach) 10 years

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the release of TeamHealth 2.0 questions impact our previous retrospectives?

Your previous assessment results will still be available in AgilityHealth. The new retrospective results will roll up with your previous results in the TeamHealth Radar.

Should we expect a dip in the ratings within our TeamHealth Radar results?

With the implementation of TeamHealth 2.0, you may find that some teams have rated themselves higher in previous retrospectives and there may be some right sizing that needs to take place. Overtime, this will level set and you will have results to compare to from the previous quarter. For now, know that this may happen and use the retrospective itself to facilitate and expose the necessary conversations.

When will the TeamHealth 2.0 questions be effective within AgilityHealth?

Our goal is to release the TeamHealth 2.0 questions on October 11th. If you have retrospectives scheduled for October 11th or later, please wait until the new questions have been released to set these up. The new questions will automatically update in your account.

If you would like to delay releasing these questions for your retrospectives, please email and let us know how long you would like to delay.

Are you moving away from forming, storming, norming and performing as the maturity model?

Teams will still be going through the phases of forming, storming, norming and performing from a team dynamic perspective. However, we’ve decided to move towards using the  Crawl | Walk | Run | Fly model because we believe it’s more actionable and provides a roadmap for growth.

Can I rate myself in the Run level if I haven't achieved the Crawl and Walk stages?

No, the  CRAWL | WALK | RUN | FLY are additive meaning should have already surpassed/achieved the prior levels.

Are there any differences in how the Team Members approach the new questions?

Some questions are compound, which means they have two statements. If team members agree with both statements, they should rate on the higher end of the scale. If team members agree with one statement, they should rate on the lower end. For example, the walk scale is 3 to 5. So, if you agree with both statements, you should select a 5, if not, you can select a 3 or 4.