Announcing the TeamHealth 2.5 Release!

We’re excited to share our official release of TeamHealth 2.5, which now includes quantitative questions within the Performance dimension. The new questions have been influenced by the book, Accelerate, Larry Maccherone’s SDPI research, our Agile Metrics advisors and input from our existing customers and partners.

The objective of this change is to:

  • Enable our customers to establish a baseline to measure both qualitative and quantitative metrics from all teams across their organization.
  • Include DevOps and Technical Agility quantitative questions to measure team performance.
  • Normalize the maturity and performance metrics across all teams (Agile and non-Agile).
  • Remove the subjectivity in the Performance dimension, Measurements sub-dimension.

Why This Change?

  • We received feedback from our customers saying:
    • They would like to analyze both qualitative (maturity) and quantitative (performance) data to understand how teams are doing and where they need help
    • Several customers are struggling to get consistent quantitative data across ALL of their teams and expected the TeamHealth 'Performance' questions to be more objective
    • Customers want to establish a baseline for team performance that is normalized across all teams (Agile and non-Agile) with pre-crawl, crawl, walk, run and fly ratings

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the release of TeamHealth 2.5 questions impact our previous retrospectives?

Your previous assessment results will still be available in AgilityHealth.

Should we expect a dip in the ratings within our TeamHealth Radar results?

We do anticipate team’s Performance > Measurement rating to decrease the first time they run a TeamHealth assessment with the new quantitative questions because they are no longer subjective and responses will more accurately data driven. The Growth Journey Timeline view will display an indicator for TH2.5, showing when we released this update.

When will the TeamHealth 2.5 questions be effective within AgilityHealth?

We are releasing the TeamHealth 2.5 questions in the evening of March 25th. Please ensure any currently open assessments for TeamHealth will close on or before 3 PM CST on March 25th. If you have retrospectives scheduled for March 26th or later, please wait until the new questions have been released to create your assessments. The new questions will automatically update in your account.

Are there any differences in how Facilitators and Team Members approach the new questions?

  • Facilitators should attach the quantitative questions to the TeamHealth retorspective email invitation and ask the ScrumMaster/Product Owner to review them prior to the session.
  • ScrumMasters and/or Product Owners will need to obtain the quantitative data and have it on hand when answering the Performance questions.
  • The Team’s ‘Maturity’ will now be calculated by AgilityHealth in the Maturity Stage drop down box and can be overwritten by the Facilitator on the Edit Assessment page.
  • Non-software/support teams will not be impacted by this release. Teams not tagged as ‘Software Delivery’ or ‘Service and Support’ will see the previous qualitative Performance questions.