We’re excited to announce the release of TeamHealth® 3.0, which includes new questions for Business Operations teams, based on input from our existing customers and partners.

The objective of this change is to:

  • Enable our customers to more comprehensively measure the health and performance of Business Operations teams.
  • Make minor updates to wording to ensure qualitative and quantitative questions for ALL teams are easily understandable

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you understand the impact of TeamHealth 3.0®, we've included a list of frequently asked questions below.

1. How will the release of TeamHealth® 3.0 questions impact our previous retrospectives?

Your previous assessment results will still be available in AgilityHealth® with no changes.

2. Should we expect a dip in the ratings within our TeamHealth® Radar results?

There should be no change for Software Delivery and Service and Support Teams. Business Operations teams have new questions so they may experience a difference in maturity, based on answers to the new questions. The Growth Journey Timeline view will display an indicator for TH3.0 for all teams, showing when we released this update.

3. When will the TeamHealth® 3.0 questions be effective within AgilityHealth®?

The questions have been automatically updated in your account. When creating an assessment, you will now see TeamHealth® 3.0 as an option for team radars, instead of TeamHealth® 2.5.

4. Are there any differences in how Facilitators and Team Members approach the new questions?

  • The process is the same for Business Operations teams, even though they have seven new questions. Four of those are in the Performance > Measurement competency but these will be treated as qualitative questions, not quantitative questions. The whole team will answer all seven of the new questions, regardless of role.
  • As before, for Software Delivery and Service and Support teams, Facilitators should attach the quantitative questions to the TeamHealth® retrospective email invitation and ask the ScrumMaster and/or Product Owner to review them prior to the session. ScrumMasters and/or Product Owners will need to obtain the quantitative data and have it on hand when answering the Performance questions.

Still have questions?

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