Agility Jump Start

Team of Teams Product Jump Start

Apply modern Product Management, Team of Team design, Outcome Based Planning, Agile to a specific group that aims to achieve a shared outcome. This jump start applies these patterns end to end to enable a group to deliver tangible results.

Product / Team of Team: 1
Quarters: 2-3
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This jump start aims to achieve the following outcomes:
  • Design the most effective Team of Teams that are cross-functional (within a portfolio/division or across) based on a Shared Outcome/OKR.
  • Educate, engage and influence the Portfolio and Product/ToT leaders to work in this new way of working (Demand, Discovery, Delivery) to achieve the outcome through a series of workshops.
  • Build the 3 year, annual and quarterly outcomes using Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) for the shared outcome.
  • Align the annual and quarterly outcomes to the quarterly delivery roadmap made up of the deliverables needed by each delivery team for overall outcome success.
  • Kickoff Team of Team Quarterly Planning, ensure full alignment across all delivery teams to outcomes
  • Check-in bi-weekly and monthly (short outcome and output demos) and synch across product leaders.
  • Assess your team health and ways of working to identify obstacles and focus managers/leaders on removing these obstacles.
  • Embed outcome /obstacle reviews within existing ceremonies at all levels.

Product Health Radar

Education, Team Design, Demand & Discovery


Education, Assessment, Build Shared Outcome

This step includes workshops for leaders to understand modern product ways of working across team of teams, assess current product maturity, develop a shared outcome/OKR.


Design Team of Teams

This step aims to go deeper into the design of the team of team layer (within a portfolio/division or across), identify roles, expectations and Team of Team cadences for success.


Setup and Configuration

This step is to setup and configure the AgilityHealth Outcomes/OKR dashboard. This includes setting up the Team of Teams, users and provide basic training for the key roles.


Discovery & Readiness

This step enables the discovery team to apply discovery practices, validate problem/solution fit, identify what deliverables are highest value and prepare for quarterly ToT planning.

Quarterly Planning, Assessment, Check-in, Review


Quarterly Team of Teams Planning

This step launches team of teams quarterly planning.  Part 1: Vision and Outcome / OKR alignment. Part 2: Output alignment, delivery plan and capacity planning. Part 3: Obstacle and risk mitigation, plan consensus.


Assessment & Growth Plan

This workshop ensures delivery teams are clear on their outcomes and have completed a TeamHealth (Agile) or TeamAgility (non-agile) assessment and developed a growth action plan. Org obstacles are identified for leaders to address.


Outcome Check-in and Tracking

Monthly Sr. leadership check-in on outcomes, output and obstacle progress.
Bi-weekly product leader synch, check-in on outcomes, outputs, obstacles.


Quarterly Review

This end of quarter review enables leaders to review overall progress on outcomes, outputs and obstacles. Learnings and insights are shared, success is celebrated and planning for upcoming quarter commences.



Post Launch

Sample Outputs and Screen Shots:

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