Take a deep dive into the health
and performance of your teams

The TeamHealth Retrospective is a powerful deep-dive strategic retrospective that focuses on the top areas that affect team performance and health. The goal is to help teams and organizations enable a ‘growth’ mindset where team and leaders continuously assess how they are doing and develop an actionable improvement plan, then re-assess again in a quarter or next release. The retrospective is facilitated by a certified AgilityHealth Facilitator.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Team’s understanding of the key areas that affect team health and performance.
  • Completion of the TeamHealth Radar survey.
  • Analysis of the results and variances between the responses.
  • Review the team’s strengths and celebrate success.
  • Review the team’s growth opportunities.
  • Targeted Just In Time coaching on top gaps for the team.
  • Team Growth Plan with actionable deliverables for the next quarter including a obstacles for leaders to remove.
  • Optional: Follow up custom training/coaching on team’s target growth areas.

The real value from this retrospective is the open and honest conversations we facilitate to help the team get past any current roadblocks and the development of a clear plan of action for getting their performance and health to the next level.

Repeat this strategic retrospective each quarter and see your team’s performance and health surge to the next level!

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How It Works

We Deliver

  1. We schedule a call to identify your retrospective goals and pilot teams.
  2. We facilitate the TeamHealth Retrospectives on site or virtually (2.5 – 3 hours per team).
  3. What you get:
  • Seminar for Leaders and Teams
  • Team Health retrospective for each team.
  • Actionable growth plan for each team
  • Multi-Team and organizational growth plan
  • Multi-Team Growth Strategy workshop for leaders of the specific program/product/LOB.
  • Training and/or coaching recommendations.
  • Cost: $3500/team, min 5 teams.

You Deliver

  1. Select the internal facilitators to be certified
  2. Purchase AgilityHealth assessments – Starts at $500 (packages or yearly subscriptions)
  3. Optionally, engage us to build a multi-team growth plan and provide training and coaching recommendations.

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