Take a deep dive into the health
and performance of your team!

The TeamHealth Retrospective is a powerful deep-dive retrospective that focuses on the top areas that affect team performance and health. You will complete the assessment, visualize the radar, have open conversation about how you’re doing and pick 2-3 improvement actions for the next quarter.

Part 1: Assessment (45min or 1 hr)

  • Overview of the TeamHealth (or Team Culture) radar
  • Complete the assessment

Part 2: Retrospective & Growth Plan (90 min or 2 hrs)

  • Analysis of the results and variances between the responses.
  • Review the team’s strengths and celebrate success.
  • Review performance and maturity gaps
  • Brainstorm and vote on top improvements
  • Pick 2-3 team improvements, build actionable growth plans
  • Identify 1 organizational obstacle you want leaders to address

WHEN: Usually scheduled at the end of the quarter before your next planning session.

The real value from this retrospective is the open and honest conversations your team will have to uncover any current roadblocks getting in the way of your team delivering value faster, better and with happier team members.

TeamHealth and Team Culture Radars.
Click to expand each radar

Top Measurement Challenges

Clarity & Alignment

Where should we improve?  What’s the maturity roadmap?  How can we have a common definition of what ‘great’ looks like?


Where are we now? Where do we want to be? How do you know we’re improving? How can we leverage data driven insights not gut feel?

Intentional Growth

Measurement with no action is worthless data.  How will we identify real improvement actions? Where do we need leaders to remove obstacles for teams?

How it Works

Ditch the spreadsheets and old school surveys, come together as a team and have meaningful data driven conversations about how you're doing and where you want to grow.
  • 1

    Train an Internal AgilityHealth Facilitator

  • 2

    Facilitate a Team Health Retrospective

  • 3

    Turn Insights
    into Action

  • 4

    Measure Growth
    Over Time