Top Tips and Resources for Working Remotely

As more and more companies are moving to remote/virtual team collaboration, there is a wealth of strategies we can leverage to shorten learning curves and enhance productivity.

In our recent webinar, participants shared their top suggestions for working remotely:

  • Double down on the Agile ceremonies
  • Set team norms for working remotely
  • Design your meeting, beyond the agenda
  • Test your tools and internet (connect through hardwire when possible)
  • Learn and use online collaboration tools (see list below)
  • Brush up on effective facilitation and engagement skills for virtual meetings
  • Plan for Plan B (tech failure, screen share, audio, background noise)
  • Plan for icebreakers and get-to-know-you activities

Online resources

At AgilityHealth, we have global team members who work virtually every day. Together they’ve helped us gather a list of the tools that we use and other helpful links:

Brainstorming, roadmapping, visual boards | Miro, Aha, Mural
Sprint retros/voting for ideasIdeaboardz,
Team collaboration tools – Slack, MS Teams, Google Hangouts, MS Office 360, Google Drive
Polling, engagement, Q&A | Slido, Doodle, Kahoot
Work management
ALM team tools – Jira, Leankit, Azure DevOps, Trello, Asana, Collabnet Versionone
PI planning tools – Leankit,, Miro, Kendis, Target Process
Video & online meetings
Online video meetings – Zoom, Skype Business, WebEx, Whereby
Tools for screen sharing/remote support – Mikogo, Teamviewer

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