You want to make data-driven decisions. AgilityHealth is here to help. We’ve built a unified backend calculation engine that our entire platform now leverages for key metrics such as Agility Index, maturity, performance, growth over time, and benchmarking.

This new calculation engine improves our APIs, growth journeys, radar results pages, dashboards, benchmarking, and reports. Customers automatically received this update on May 29, 2024.

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Unified Calculations

The purpose of Unified Calculations is to ensure the methodology of our key metrics is consistent across different sections of the platform to provide consistent data, no matter what metric you’re viewing.

Previously, metrics like competency scores, sub-dimension scores, and dimension scores that were shown on radar results pages, growth journeys, and benchmarking were calculated differently in comparison to metrics on dashboards. Now, the methodology used everywhere is the same.

Check out the Unified Calculations Guide to learn more!

Unified Calculations Guide

If you’re interested in learning about the new High Variance Treatment feature that is optional to enable for your company, click here.

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