14 min video

Part 1 | Overview of AgilityHealth


  • Radars available
  • Deeper look into Team Health
  • Analyzing rollup data across teams
  • Viewing growth/improvement backlogs

8 min video

Part 2 | Insights, Outcomes and Growth Portal


  • Using the Insights Dashboard with Sr Leaders
  • How to align teams to Outcomes/ OKRs
  • Using the Growth Portal to help teams help themselves with consistent guidance

18 min video

Part 3 | Scaled Agile (SAFe) Radars & Financial Bank Case Study


  • Overview of the 8 Scaled Agile radars
  • Deeper look at the SAFe Business Agility radar
  • ROI of AgilityHealth across 90+ team (large financial bank)

5 min Enterprise Business Agility Explainer

Part 4 | What is Business Agility? 

Watch the explainer video to understand the common challenges and common patterns for enterprise solutions for enabling business agility.

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