You can now experience AgilityHealth in your own local language! We have developed two capabilities to support this. The first is the global language switcher which automatically translates the static text on all screens. The second is the radar and email translation, which is built by our team and validated by native speakers.

Available Now for beta customers

Internationalization allows users to experience AgilityHealth in the language of their choice. This functionality is in beta with many enhancements in progress. There are currently 10 languages, in addition to English, available.

What you can do:

  • Use the globe icon to translate static text into another language while using the platform
  • View radar results in the language of your choice
  • Enable users to choose their preferred language for receiving assessment emails and taking radar assessments
  • Set a preferred language for an entire team (or your whole company) for receiving assessment emails and taking radar assessments

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Internationalization Guide