In today’s market, ensuring your organization is at the cutting edge is of the utmost importance to stay competitive and prepared for the future of work. We’ve learned from experience that HR will play a strategic and critical role and must be a partner to sustain an Agile transformation.

This webinar, hosted by Bryan Tew, Enterprise Business Agility Strategist, covers the following:

  • The key differences between traditional HR and a modern People Team
  • How to recruit, hire and on-board Agile Talent and Agile Leaders to support Business Agility
  • How to cultivate, engage and grow individuals in order to retain talent
  • How to revitalize low performing teams
  • How to design your organization for the new way of working
  • Understanding rewards & recognition in an Agile environment

In addition to Transformation leaders and Enterprise coaches, HR leaders need to be involved in the business agility journey. This webinar will provide the stepping stones needed to begin or expand.